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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy 4th July My American Friends

Since Ive moved into my new house I have been having some strange encounters with a weird photographer, The other day while chilling out on my roof top pool I saw him hanging around bushes on the outskirts of my property. I decided to invite him up to ask him just what he wanted.

At first he acted all charming, asking me if I had done any modeling, but then started to ply me with cocktails, getting me rather hot and bothered. After 4 or 5 drinks, My head spinning, he asked me to pose, I agreed, been rather drunk,,,,

He put his hands in my Bikini top loosening it and slipping it off revealing my massive tits, been so drunk i was in no state to refuse, My head spinning i lay on the floatie, trying to sober up, but getting hotter and rather horny as well. In my confused state he told me not to worry that they where just softcore erotic photographs and that he was well respected in the community........

After  another drink and listening to him sweet talk me, telling me how I had a beautiful body and How I should show it off and remove my panties, I had no choice but to obey, Climbing out of the pool, I removed my wet panties.

Doing as I was told and following instructions i posed for him, When I wasn't looking he shoved one of my sweet strawberry lollipops deep into my pussy. I moaned loud at the shock and pleasure, i looked down rubbing my little wet clit, looking how sticky the yummy lollipop had made me.

He called me His little Candy C**t, that he had been watching me for a while and how he wanted to watch me play with my juicy and so yummy pussy. He started to move the lollipop along my wet slit, getting stickier and wetter then removed it, shoving it in my little mouth.

 I couldn't help myself, playing with my pussy for him to watch, been so horny wet and sticky,wanting his cock so badly. He continued to take photographs, I told him not to take pictures. Don't worry he said, I don't upload the hardcore ones to flickr, I keep them in my personal wanking collection.....

Imagine my shock and surprise when he took out of his bag a huge monster cock sized toy, my eyes watered wondered how i was going to manage to take that in my little wet pussy, fuck it he demanded...

I climbed onto the huge toy lowering myself down onto the huge cock, Unable to take it fully, my little wet pussy gaping, I cried in pleasure and pain. The perv photographer sitting back, watching stroking his cock. I felt myself becoming dizzy from the heat and drink.

 I continued to slam down hard onto the giant cock taking as much as i could, I felt myself getting dizzier and dizzier until I passed out.... I woke 2 hours later laying by the pool, sore, my pussy stretched wide open and covered in his creamy cum.

The next day the photos where leaked on to the internet for all to see......

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