Hello Waves, My name is Candy, giggles. Welcome to my work portfolio. Im a curvy 36 DD, size 10 and a natural blonde but have been known to change hair colors for roles. Im an Erotic Glamour model, Porn star and a Director. Im a friendly girl, so feel free to say hi. I'm available for work so feel free to contact me regarding work.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

The Sweetest Thing

I had a few more pictures taken  by the very talented Č̶α̶я̶o̶ℓ̶i̶η̶e̶ this week, I really adore them :)

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Randoms With Hunter

Here is a few random pictures I took with Hunter Rose over this last week, enjoy!

lol don't you think Hunter looks all gangster in the last two pictures.....

Monday, 8 July 2013

On Your Knees Boy- BDSM Special

(these are not the usual type of photos you will find from me, I was given a Dom HUD from one of my admirers and wanted to try it out, so I thought what the hell, lets have some fun, smiles.)

When i finished work yesterday, I was informed that there was two very naughty boys in SL porn that need taken in hand, needed to be shown some discipline, so I agreed, Both Logan O'leary and newcomer JaxXx came over fast. I wasted no time putting them in my holding cell to deal with one at at time.

Logan OLeary

First up was Logan OLeary, Oh was i going to have fun taming this rabid wolf, I told him straight off that if he didn't please me I was going to muzzle him and walk him on his hands and knees around my neighborhood for all to see.   I saw his eyes flash red at me, 'Don't you look at me like that I shouted, slapping his ass hard and Down on your fucking knees boy, and be quick about it, you don't want to keep me waiting'

I grinned to myself, oh was I going to get pleasure from disciplining him, he quickly did as he was commanded not wanting to anger me, after all it wouldn't bode well for him if he annoyed me. I stood up before him, his eyes where locked to the ground, that's right boy I said, don't you look at me. I placed the sole of my boot on his finger tips, wondering if I should, I decided not to, instead opting to sit upon his muscular back.

 I dug my heels of my boots into his hide, gripping his body hard occasionally slapping his ass with my riding crop. 'I'm not a pony he squealed'. 'Did i say you could fucking talk i shouted at him!'. 'No Mistress he said'. 'No your not a wolf I giggled your Mistress Candy's little puppy dog'. 'What are you I said'. 'A Puppy he replied'

'That's right I said and you will learn some manors I said. You will reply when your spoken to and not before I said. I climbed up onto his broad shoulders, Wrapping my long sexy legs around his neck, locking him between my legs tightly, I squeeze my legs as tight as i can, I hear him moaning and a bulge appear in his trousers....

 I quickly release my grip on him, standing behind him I point with my riding crop to his bulge, get those trousers off and fast i growled. He did as he was told fast, revealing his big hard cock. You horny for your Mistress, are you bitch i said' 'Yes I am he replied'.  I move the crop against his hard cock teasing him for a while as I looked on.

I push him hard to the ground, I grab his chain around his neck, The steel so cold in my hand. I crouch above his head, 'I want you to clean my wet little pussy and you better do a good job or else I say'. He quickly got to work, his tongue tracing the lips of my pussy, I yanked on the chain hard with all my might, his head jerked upwards against my pussy. I arch my back, backwards pulling as hard as i can, I giggle at his discomfort. 'Is That what you call a good fucking job i moaned'

'Let see if you can do a better job with my boots I say getting angry'. I watch him, his tongue against the cold leather slurping away. 'For fuck sake your useless i moan, pushing him over with my boot'.

I press my heel into his ball bag, twisting my shoe, 'you cant do simple things like that right i shout'. Get out of my sight !!!

I look at the man before me threw the bars, standing there looking nervous. So what makes you naughty I say grinning, poking him with my riding crop, 'ummm he says, I dont know'. Your not shy are you I say smiling, I unlock the heavy bolted door, pushing the bars back, the steel making a slamming sound. You planing on comming out or do I have to come in there and get you. 

No Mistress Candy he said, coming out from the cage fast,. He immediately dropped to his knees before me, pushing his head towards my thigh, I run my fingers threw his soft dark hair, looking down at him, lulling him into a false sense of security. Your new arn't you I say smiling, 'Yes Mistress Candy'. You going to be a good pet I say looking down. 'Yes' he says again. I pull his hair back hard, you better had I say.

Carry me to my throne I say, he quickly lifts my small body up into his arm, carrying me gently to my seat. I sit back looking at him, his body hunched over before me at my feet. I move my boot to his mouth, pressing it against his chin, pushing it back and forth. you want to worship my feet I say, do you think your worthy of that. Yes Mistress....

 Do you think you can be a better puppy dog than him over there, I point to the disgraced Logan in the corner. Yes Mistress, come closer I beckon him. I climb onto his back, you don't have a collar I say grinning, Maybe I should collar you and keep you here, send whats left of you back to your girlfriend when Ive had my way with you.

 Roll over boy i click my fingers. Egar to please his new Mistress he does as i command. I lower myself down onto his face, my pussy dripping with excitement, i slowly start to face fuck him. I reach down grabbing his nipples, pulling and twisting them with my nails, I hear his screams of pain and pleasure. On the brink of orgasm, I grind against his chin faster, before lifting myself above his chest, I squirt my juices over him. I look down at my pussy so wet and sticky, now you can clean me up I demand smiling....

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy 4th July My American Friends

Since Ive moved into my new house I have been having some strange encounters with a weird photographer, The other day while chilling out on my roof top pool I saw him hanging around bushes on the outskirts of my property. I decided to invite him up to ask him just what he wanted.

At first he acted all charming, asking me if I had done any modeling, but then started to ply me with cocktails, getting me rather hot and bothered. After 4 or 5 drinks, My head spinning, he asked me to pose, I agreed, been rather drunk,,,,

He put his hands in my Bikini top loosening it and slipping it off revealing my massive tits, been so drunk i was in no state to refuse, My head spinning i lay on the floatie, trying to sober up, but getting hotter and rather horny as well. In my confused state he told me not to worry that they where just softcore erotic photographs and that he was well respected in the community........

After  another drink and listening to him sweet talk me, telling me how I had a beautiful body and How I should show it off and remove my panties, I had no choice but to obey, Climbing out of the pool, I removed my wet panties.

Doing as I was told and following instructions i posed for him, When I wasn't looking he shoved one of my sweet strawberry lollipops deep into my pussy. I moaned loud at the shock and pleasure, i looked down rubbing my little wet clit, looking how sticky the yummy lollipop had made me.

He called me His little Candy C**t, that he had been watching me for a while and how he wanted to watch me play with my juicy and so yummy pussy. He started to move the lollipop along my wet slit, getting stickier and wetter then removed it, shoving it in my little mouth.

 I couldn't help myself, playing with my pussy for him to watch, been so horny wet and sticky,wanting his cock so badly. He continued to take photographs, I told him not to take pictures. Don't worry he said, I don't upload the hardcore ones to flickr, I keep them in my personal wanking collection.....

Imagine my shock and surprise when he took out of his bag a huge monster cock sized toy, my eyes watered wondered how i was going to manage to take that in my little wet pussy, fuck it he demanded...

I climbed onto the huge toy lowering myself down onto the huge cock, Unable to take it fully, my little wet pussy gaping, I cried in pleasure and pain. The perv photographer sitting back, watching stroking his cock. I felt myself becoming dizzy from the heat and drink.

 I continued to slam down hard onto the giant cock taking as much as i could, I felt myself getting dizzier and dizzier until I passed out.... I woke 2 hours later laying by the pool, sore, my pussy stretched wide open and covered in his creamy cum.

The next day the photos where leaked on to the internet for all to see......

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Profile Photos

Well i decided to pay for some professional profile pictures and  I was so pleased, These where taken by the very talented Č̶α̶я̶o̶ℓ̶i̶η̶e̶ .  Ive watermarked them to stop anyone pilfering them, enjoy :P

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Flithy Fuck With Logan and Dark

Let me just say before hand that these photos are not the usual quality you will find from me, but to be honest i wasn't expecting to be taking any, but things got so hot, I had to snap some quick snapshots.

After a having a seriously shitty day, My friend Logan OLeary invited me over to his place to watch him fuck his friend Dark St.Louis, me been a dirty girl I was all for it. After a while watching them on the sofa while I played with my juicy pussy, things got heated and we all headed to the hot tub. where Logan stuffed both our pussy's and mouths with his huge hot hard cock, yummm. what a fuck. grins

Im the Blonde, Dark is the Redhead

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Saint Or Sinner Part Two

Well here we are, Part two of this sexy photo shoot. So which do you prefer, have you made your mind up yet, If not let the pictures below help you make your mind up, enjoy!

Taken and featuring Myself Candy Kisses & HunterRose Xenno
Hunter you could corrupt my most innocent Angel, winks...hehe

Taken by and featuring myself Candy Kisses & DARK Santanas
what can I say, I enjoyed been the Devils Little slut, making that red cock of yours all wet and sticky from my juices, muhahahah

Saturday, 22 June 2013

My latest movie released, 'Two Sluts, One Cup'

If you haven't seen it already, be sure to head on over to naughty Machinima to see my lastest movie 'Two Sluts, One Cup'.  


It was so much fun getting all oily and naked with you Domino & Virgil yumm licks lips, despite the technical difficulties hehehe